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    We believe the next generation of beauty is a lot more natural, it's toxin free, socially responsible and definitely a lot more chic and we're laying the foundation for that. We operate under the belief that self sells, that being yourself, being honest and authentic sells.

    Salon visits should be an experience rather than merely bodily maintenance. We're setting a new standard for what the modern salon could be, raising the bar and paving the way for others to innovate in the space as well.

    Tenfold has really grown from its original concept of creating a lovely environment where clients can relax and enjoy expert services in a comfortable and social setting. It now has an added focus on providing a safe environment for nail treatments.


    We don't offer artificial enhancements or acrylic. So many places will follow a nail trend for the bottom line however we are committed to being the best at giving as natural of a manicure as possible in the safest environment possible. We choose our polishes, tabletop products, sanitation equipment, ventilation system and even our collection of tea offerings very carefully so that it is a feel good experience from start to finish. Our implements are all single use. Nitrile gloves are available to employees to be worn only during times of service when skin can be broken such as cuticle care. We're holding ourselves to higher standards.

    What we're proposing is much more than this manicure. We're bringing a more mindful approach to the market as a whole.

    Today's woman is conscious of what she's taking in and putting out. We're the alternative, thinking women's choice of nailcare.